We, Nicola Bowery and Harry Laing, began PoetryAlive in 2003. We believe poetry can change lives so we want to bring it to as many people as possible.

Attention spans have shortened and people say they don't have time for poetry - which is strange when it only takes 30 seconds to read the average poem. Perhaps this is because  poetry asks more from people - a willingness to slow the busy mind and explore the mysterious connection between things.


PoetryAlive - Why Wait For Your Funeral!

People look to poetry in times of trouble and joy: they demand it at weddings and funerals. We want to bring poetry back into daily life. Your daily life.


The one thing we guarantee never to do is ask you what a poem means!

Many people were switched off poetry at school because they were put on the spot by a teacher asking what a poem meant. But we're more interested in what effect a poem has on you. What do you feel about it? Does it excite you? Mystify you? Make you go quiet and thoughtful? Does it make you want to rush off and write a few poems of your own?


The pleasures of hearing good poetry well read

So many people have said to us after hearing a poem 'What a difference it made hearing it!' We pride ourselves on choosing from a vast range of poems that sound great and have lots of resonance. We both love to read poetry aloud because we know it's in the air rather than on the page that poems really come alive.


Meeting people who share a passion for poetry

One of the main reasons for starting PoetryAlive was to bring together people who love it. Whether you've had a relationship with the wonderful Poetry Beast for many years or you're burning with a fresh excitement and hunger to know more we aim to satisfy and stimulate in equal measure.